Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Next Step

The beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Or so I'm told! This will be my first trip to Portland and Oregon in general, but from what I hear, it is not only a sight pleasing to the eyes. I have heard tales of a famous doughnut shop that puts bacon on maple bars, and has parks and gardens rivaling those of the most famous. I know the music scene there is something to discuss with great fervor. You could say it sounds like a modern day promised land haha.

I will be there for business, but will take some down time and go explore as much as I can while I'm there. Most of the conducted business will take place from midday Saturday to Sunday evening intermittently. I will be flying in Friday and leaving Monday morning. When not at my headquarters (hotel room), I'll be out and about seeing what I can see. You know the drill, I share what I see as best I can, as well as what I learn and experience. Has anyone else been to Portland? Any input? What was your experience?

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