Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Tale from Colorado Springs

I found myself getting off a plane in Colorado Springs, Colorado on a sunny Friday afternoon, but was rather behind schedule due to every single flight I had being delayed by a good hour at least. This being a trip to a private, invitation-only conference on trends in the e-Commerce industry, I was obviously aiming to make it on time and was literally running to get where I needed to go.
Not long after the delayed flight landed, I was lost in my massive hotel. You should have seen the intricate maze of hallways and walkways that made up the Crowne Plaza hotel! It had halls shooting off every which angle and I went to the wrong room twice before I finally made it to my own. The size was really rather deceiving from the outside since the hotel covered more ground square footage than it had in height. Don't get me wrong, just because it was a little difficult to navigate the halls doesn't mean it was not a very nice hotel. When you have plasma TV's in every room and a huge indoor pool that looks like it's outside, it can't be that bad a deal.
The town itself did not seem very interesting to me, quite honestly. Pike's Peak seemed the highlight of the town and probably would have been neat to check out given more time. I am sure there was perhaps a more active area or at least a more busy part of town nearby, but I never saw it. Just looking over the city from the plane, there appears no distinguishable landmarks (other than the previously mentioned mountain) or interesting downtown areas.
Despite the town not necessarily being the most interesting thing on the planet, I was fascinated by the event I was attending in many ways. Of course, the speakers had incredible things to say, both about our economy and success principles everyone can practice in their lives. Now trends in the economy and trends in the e-Commerce industry may sound a bit dull, but truthfully, there is so much going on today with business the main thing to see is the profit potential and the opportunity anyone can capitalize on. Great wealth has always been created in times both during and after recessionary and depression periods in the economy. Forecasters like Harry S. Dent have been saying that we will see the greatest shift of wealth the country has ever seen coming with the Internet and all the commercial traffic going on as we speak (
Can you imagine never having to trade hours for dollars for the rest of your life? Never having to set the alarm clock for 5:00 am to get to am shift at work? You would be free with both time and money to do the things you want to do, with the people you want to do things with, when you want to do it! No 40-40; 40 hours a week 40 years of your life. Actually now, it is more like the 40-50. We as a country can not rely on others to make a financial difference in our lives and the lives of the one's we care about. I know I need to take responsibility for my future and my future family's as well. I would much rather work hard for a few years of my life, than work average for 60 years of my life. So sue me.
I think it is incredible how many people do not understand that. I mean, do what you want- that's more than okay with me, but to look down on what I am doing and the positive choices I am making because I have allocated my time elsewhere and my priorities on other things is unacceptable to me. It is true, I have been spending less and less time hanging out and reading comics or just passing the time. Frankly, I am done passing the time and playing games because time is too valuable a thing to waste. There is too much at stake in what I want for my own future to let things pull me away from where I really want to go. I work hard now and read books that apply to what I need to learn and spend time with people who are living how I want to live, and I will play so much harder... later. Delayed gratification, ladies and gentlemen.
I'll be honest with you: I am just now practicing this. I had been treating my goals and efforts in business just like I had been many other areas in life. I had invested such minimal effort in education, relationships and many other important areas of my life, that I had become comfortable with simply getting by. I have realized not that there is too much at stake now, but there has always been and I am just waking up to it. I have seen the progress I have made, or lack thereof, and know now that my previous way of going about things will not cut it. The knowledge I have gained, the research I have done and the advice I have been given over that period of time has now clicked and is being put to use; much like a factory coming to life in times of war and producing more than it was able to before. I must remember this, and consistently do what I know I need to do for my future. For this has become a war; a war against myself every day, every decision and every thought a battle for my future.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ewok Experience

Yes, you're seeing what you think you're seeing! This is indeed a full-on dining experience situated not on the patio of a famous city bistro, nay, but among the numerous branches and leaves of trees! What's that you say? You've always wanted to experience what Ewok life is like on Endor? Well then, these are some top choice eateries with which you can live out that experience! Check out the night pictures in the link below for more than the Wok Experience... this is the Ewok Experience.

This first picture in particular reminds me of an elven establishment in the highest reaches of Lothlorien Forest in Middle Earth. It reminds you of The Lord of the Rings as well, does it not? You know what, that's probably because "The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant" here is located in New Zealand, where much of the filming for the epic trilogy took place!

The Treehouse Restaurant, Bar and Grill in Costa Rica sounds like a neat place to hang out and grab some fresh South American coffee. If you want to ditch the authenticity and go for the free internet access, that's always an option too.

On the other hand, in the UK is found a warm and cozy tree house restaruant by the name of the Alnwick Garden Treehouse Restaurant; basically a wooden castle in the trees. Don't believe me? Well you should, because I'm just telling you what I know. That and this picture proves it. Seems like a pretty neat place to stay and have a nice country meal does it not? I'll bet the veal stew is nice. Speaking of the United Kingdom, I'm planning a little trip up there in November. I wouldn't call it little, come to think of it, because I have been waiting to go to Europe for a long, long time... Anyway, another post perhaps.

The Bushwick Ridge Treehouse Restaurant looks like something of an outpost one might find at Jurassic Park. Found in South Africa and surrounded by the topography of yellowwood trees, it would feel completely natural to me if I looked to the side and found I was eating my Kudu dish alongside a brontosaurus chowing down on some scrumptious foilage. That's just how I feel. Looking at pictures, one might feel the same way. Look for yourself below! Very interesting spin on dining, I must say. With that, I tip my hat and say au revior!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Destination: Jade Mountain

Sounds pretty exotic right? Jade Mountain is a resort on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, not far from the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. The rooms at the resort are open on one wall to the beautiful view of the island and the ocean surrounding it. They have different levels of room types ranging from 'star suites' to 'sun suites'. The rooms have what are called "infinity pools" which are flat-edge pure water pools ranging in size depending on room type. Take a look at this infinity pool:

The suites available range in price from $850-$1450 per night. It increases as the type of suite increases in square footage and style.

This is an example of a sun suite with an infinity pool view. Not bad at all, huh? I could definitely spend a nice portion of a day lounging around in a spacious, open area with this scenery. My favorite of the suites is actually one of the less expensive ones, but in my opinion looks a lot more comfortable than the rest- the Star Suite:
The island of St. Lucia itself is interesting in that other than the beaches and resorts such as this one, the island is mostly untouched by modern technology and the noise and frustrations that often come with industrialization. While it does rely heavily on tourism for its economy, it always seems to maintain a balance with fun. You can still go to the markets and haggle for bananas only to minutes later fight off monkeys trying to get their share. It is a volcanic island and has a lot more distinct terrain features to offer than most other Caribbean islands.
Whether for a honeymoon or just a getaway, St. Lucia and Jade Mountain in particular is a nice choice to consider indeed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yes, the title is spelled the way I want it. No, I don't know where I'm going with this.
It has taken me way longer than expected to retrieve the pictures from my friend Sonder, but it's all good. I finished up Portland with Voodoo Donuts, a popular donut shop where you can get Captain Crunch and Froot Loop donuts along with maple bars with bacon on them. As nutritious as that sounds, it was quite tasty to be honest. I also stumbled upon a pretty cool Saturday market thing downtown where I had myself a delicious omlette at one of the many food stands in the area. There was a lot of Indian and Greek food too.
I am having a surprisingly hard time focusing right now, frankly. I actually don't feel very well. I am convinced it's self-induced and my mind is doing this to me. I'm doing this to myself. I need to snap out of it so I can go to sleep and not get sick to my stomach. Isn't it odd how the things that you thought wouldn't affect you again or as much as they had in the past tend to jump out and startle you? It makes you sick sometimes. Things you thought were simple parts of the scenes back in a past act resurface with such acridity it seems impossible to simply shrug off.
Things change constantly as life goes on. Fact. I am aware of this. I also know that we grow and improve by embracing change and doing the best we can to take things as they come, knowing full well our reactions are all we have the ability to control. It's just a little staggering sometimes when things change very rapidly in a short time. Stepping back, I believe I can see now the different paths things and people have taken to lead them all here at this moment to combine into a wave I wasn't really ready for. It is amazing to me the way people change. The way they can convince themselves (or try so hard to convice others) they are so happy when they seem to forget they have given up their dreams, character and true friends. For what? Security? The easy way out; the risk-free way? That's one basic path I have identified and there are many others converging here as I write.
Life is a series of intersections.
I should have listened to myself when I had the chance before. I suppose I am now... so that's out. How could I have seen it coming though? I should have shouldn't I? I mean words spoken were real enough. They didn't just seem sincere, they were. Actions don't always line up with words, however sincere they are. But other people have to go about their business too. No one waits around forever, especially if it's for something so dubious.
Yellow light.
Why does it still knock me down? How come there are so many things I pretend don't mean a thing and don't remind me of anything when I know, I KNOW that's not true? I have to do that now don't I? As much as I hate running from things, surely if I stay I would be defeated. Maybe that approach is all wrong here.
Red light.
Maybe I should fight it. Face it painfully and just get rid of it all. I'll turn that energy into what I need in other areas at this point too. I can't wait around either. I can't just sit here.I guess it's what I have to keep doing now. I thought I was moving forward with such focus, but I think I knew better. I have to stop kidding myself. The ol' handcuffs between the ears trick isn't going to cut it anymore. What am I sitting around for anyway? There are things to be done, I can't keep going back to what I know isn't going to happen and focus on what I know I can make happen now. Well here goes. As soon as I wake up.
Green light.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Story Thus Far

I will begin by simply saying Portland, Oregon is astonishing. I love it, quite frankly. I flew in around 4pm today and the adventure never stopped from there! Actually it started before with many enjoyable conversations with many different people. A gentleman by the name of Ramon (his son wants to be a pilot and gets good grades) and Marcus (shoe-shiner in the Seattle airport) were a few among them.
You will be proud of the amount of pictures I took today... because I sure am! Those who follow this know I am not very adept at taking pictures. I'm just not usually that kind of guy. However, aside from the touristy look of it and catching myself walking around Portland with my mouth wide open more times than I can count, they turned out great. I'll post some when I get home.
I realized something again today though. People need to take more chances. We can't settle for what we're handed if it's not really what we want or if we're simply 'comfortable' with it. Get out there! Make mistakes and learn from them. Don't stay comfortable. Nothing great was ever accomplished by those who settled for something less than what was achieved with their best. I left an expo at the Memorial Colesium with some friends I had made on the way over there, when one informed me since he had been in Portland before, we should go to the food court in the mall down the street. It was one of the only places he had been to and known.
But I am in Portland. I have never been here before. Why would I simply walk a block when honestly everywhere I look across the river, there are huge buildings, tall pine covered hills with houses, and awesome architecture you just know is harboring a great hole-in-the-wall place to eat!? No Subway for me, thanks. I actually ate at a random fish taco stand which turned out to be delectable in every sense. The owner is a fisherman and catches fresh fish for it all the time, with varieties of tacos ranging from cod to Pacific Red Snapper (I had that).
I simply took the MAX transportation system down to Old Town and winged it, if you will. Best thing I have done here yet. Get kind of lost on purpose. I saw so much stuff I couldn't put all of it here. At night, in this big city square, they were showing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on a huge screen with hundreds of people watching! There was so much going on wherever I looked. It was similar to San Francisco in the sense of activity level, transportation, certain areas, and even the characters. It's beautiful here, and I will continue to update you as I progress. Good night and good luck.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sleep With The Fishes

Check this out! This is an underwater hotel scheduled to open in 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey. Apparently, Istanbul will be the place to be as the opening will be around the same time it will be nominated as the Culture Capital of Europe and become a top player in the tourism industry globally. It is said to be at a 7-star rating!

Sounds like it will definitely be something of an experience. Dubai also has one in the works named Hydropolis, as well as the Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji. Hydropolis seems to be a possible setting for an old James Bond flick to me haha. I'll definitely be looking into booking a stay there when I can afford it haha. You can bet rates will be a little steep...


And for Fiji:

Sounds like a good time and looks great to me. Who's on board?

Next Step

The beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Or so I'm told! This will be my first trip to Portland and Oregon in general, but from what I hear, it is not only a sight pleasing to the eyes. I have heard tales of a famous doughnut shop that puts bacon on maple bars, and has parks and gardens rivaling those of the most famous. I know the music scene there is something to discuss with great fervor. You could say it sounds like a modern day promised land haha.

I will be there for business, but will take some down time and go explore as much as I can while I'm there. Most of the conducted business will take place from midday Saturday to Sunday evening intermittently. I will be flying in Friday and leaving Monday morning. When not at my headquarters (hotel room), I'll be out and about seeing what I can see. You know the drill, I share what I see as best I can, as well as what I learn and experience. Has anyone else been to Portland? Any input? What was your experience?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Destination: Seychelles

This place looks amazing. I definitely want to experience it firsthand. Seeing pictures of places like this makes me think of all the places in the world I have never even heard of yet, but are just waiting for me to discover.

Man how cool would it be just to relax on the beach and know everything's working out and you don't have to worry about things when you get back home? You can just lay back in the soft, warm sand looking at the clouds and listen to the waves methodically hitting the beach.

I want that vacation. I want that life.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's been awhile, I know, and for that I am sorry. But I have not forgotten! I have been so busy lately it is unreal... but so very good. By staying busy and focused on what I am doing now, I will reach my goals by the time I want, if not before, and then I can take some time to relax a little bit. I was raised with the concept of "get your work done, then you can have fun", so needless to say, I'm doing just that. Plus, there's your charming rhyme of the day!
It's so very true though, that idea. I have learned that a little delayed gratification and self-discipline can go a long way in the end. It may not always be the easiest or most comfortable choice, but the rewards are priceless. I get what I want in better or greater quantities of enjoyment, plus benefit from personal growth. Not to say I've got things all figured out or am better than anyone in the slightest. I'm learning just like everyone else. I am smart enough to know I know nothing and that I can learn from the experiences of those who have gone before me and are where I want to be or from those who know what I want to learn. It just takes an adaptable attitude of being coachable and an open mind with which to improve oneself.
I would share more right now, but it's Father's Day and I'm going to go take care of the lunch business! Burgers with avocado and bacon sounds SO good right now. Have a great week! I'll do my best to take more time next time and not just a couple minutes!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting Down to Business

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning lately and have decided to completely rearrange my plans to match with my goals. What do I mean, you ask? Well, have a seat and I'll explain everything.
Obviously, I haven't written anything for a while this month. That is because I have been remarkably busy between finishing school, going to work and mostly because I have been building the e-Commerce business on the side. Quite frankly, it's been paying off. This brings me to the next point on the list: I am staying here next semester. London will have to wait for now. And it will, as far as I know it's not going anywhere. I gave it a lot of thought and sought counsel from many respected people in my life, and have come to the conclusion that this coming semester would not be the best to leave behind. Realistically, the e-Commerce industry is exploding right now and is going the economic phase we call critical mass. Once any technology or innovative process hits 10% market penetration (10% population is using it and finally everyone starts asking "Now how does this work?"), it goes through critical mass and forms an S-curve, where it goes up, explodes and then levels out.
Having this in mind, seeing how well my business is growing, and knowing that all the business I create from here til the end of summer when I would be leaving would mostly die down in my absence, I have come up with another plan to make things work best for me! By staying and working this business solid all the time I would be away, I'll be right on target to even be able to go to London for two weeks of pure vacation time by winter break! I would be able to quit my job by September, having replaced and exceeded my present monthly income. It's the practice of delayed gratification. I still can not wait to go to Europe. I can't wait to go anywhere really! The streets of Egypt, the mountains in Nepal, the adventure in Brazil, the canals of Italy. It's all going to be so good. SO good! You may say "possibly...", I will say "watch". Progress I make will be so enjoyable I will not be able to help from recording it, so stay tuned. I will quite possibly take a trip to San Diego soon, so keep reading!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Helpful Equation (Not Just for Mathematicians)

Good day! I hope that as you are reading this, you are coming to the realization that today is, in fact a great day! If today wasn't so hot, then at least you know you have brand new one tomorrow, yeah?
Something I was taught from a young age is the simple equation of E + R = O. Event plus Reaction equals the Outcome. Now events (the "E") happen to us in life that no matter what we do, we cannot change. You can't blame yourself for something out of your control, nor can you change it once it happens. Simple enough so far. The important thing to realize is that the outcome ("O") can vary greatly, and is solely dependent on... you! The variable that we control is our reaction (the "R") to events that occur in our lives.
Depending on our reaction, whether positive or negative, we determine if the outcome of said event is positive or negative as well. The best thing we can do is to react positively as much as we can to events that happen to us, so the majority of the outcomes we experience are positive and better our wisdom and understanding of life as we come to know it. Obviously, it is incredibly simple, but I have found that thinking of it in simple terms often increases the chances of success.
An example of how simplicity can often pay off, I have a short story for you. Andrew Carnegie once had a man come in and meet with him because he was very excited to show Mr. Carnegie a process that would make him money. Being the man of business he was, Mr. Carnegie did not hesitate to take his offer and meet. The man very clearly explained to him the simple organizational process of categorizing priorities in an "A", "B" and "C" fashion. As simple as it was, it made all the difference in the world to Mr. Carnegie and his financial exploits, and he promptly paid the man $100,000 for showing that to him! I believe that's the equivalent today of around $1.5 million.
This shows that often the most simple forms of organization can make the biggest differences. This example in particular also shows the true importance of organizing priorities to accomplish goals you want to accomplish. However, that is perhaps for a different day. So make today a great day; a day of growth!

Special thanks to my dad, Glen Andrews for teaching me this valuable equation from a young age.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A few days ago I was able to spend some quality time with most of my family at the beach. After the sun went down, I walked to the end of the pier at Newport Beach and leaned against the wood railings and thought of something interesting. It was nightfall by this time, and the lights amidst the black mountainous shapes were clearly visible farther off in the distance. Leaning against the railings, I slowly began to drown out all other sounds. The laughing, coughing, yelling of children; all of it. I focused intensely only on the moonlight on the waves separating me from those lights.
From that vantage point I was able to envision myself out in the ocean on a boat with the lights of the land far away and the lights of the boat behind me. It is one of my dreams to someday have a house on the Mediterranean Sea and a sailboat that goes right along with it. This sailboat, when out for nightly excursions, will have lights strung along the lines of the sails overhanging a covered table with a white tablecloth on which to eat and drink. Slowly, the music I imagine playing on the boat replaces the various voices of others that would not be there.
And the night got even better.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What Happened In Vegas Isn't Staying In Vegas

Vegas! I have so much to share with you, both in these words and through my actions. I know you're wondering, and the answer is yes, I did take some pictures. Just none worth any space anywhere because they're not really of anything good. Haha come to think of it, they're not really of anything at all. Now... where to begin?
First of all, the speakers there were incredible. A handful of the most successful entrepreneurs in the eCommerce industry were there to speak on business ownership and, more importantly, dream ownership. John Maxwell taught from his most recent book, Put Your Dream to the Test, and posed interesting questions to ask yourself when you are going towards your dream.
I realized at one point during the course of his speaking that I had something all wrong. I have been so focused on finally getting where I want to be I took my eyes off of what the important part really is: the journey to get there. It makes a huge, realistic difference when you stop thinking about the destination with your head in the clouds and get back to path at hand that you want to take you there. I think it would be a lot easier to trip on obstacles on the path with your head up in the clouds don't you? I realized that if you aren't happy with where you are now, you won't be happy with where you're going either. That is crucial. It's the major difference between a fantasy and a dream.

It wasn't quite the way I had it pictured when I made my first post after all. Just because you aren't where you want to be doesn't mean you have to be unhappy about that. Granted I have been happy with where I am and where I was, but I did not truly value it at the time. As long as you get a clear picture in your mind and add a burning desire for something more in your heart, be happy! Success is a process, so be happy knowing you're on your way, and place value on the good and bad times you have getting there. Make it a goal to be defined by how many times you get up, not how many times you fall down. Forget about the things you don't have, you're with people you love now! Celebrate that!
It's crazy out there right now, dear reader, and we need to stick together as best we can. America, and really the world in general needs to focus on love, not money. True recovery comes from the heart and soul, not wallets.
I think we need to learn that.
Figure out what you really, really want out of life. What's going to add value to your life and the lives of others? You gotta make sure it's your dream. Not your parents, not your friends', but yours. Find the passion that compels you to reach your goals. Get a dream, make a quality, one-time decision to go get it, and enjoy the journey along the way!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

Alright everyone, gather 'round, gather 'round. It's official: we'll be making a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend. I am more than ready for another trip, especially since it is also beneficial for business. I'm going to a private invitation-only business conference on trends in the eCommerce industry that is exploding right now, and I'm pretty excited to act on what I learn there. John Maxwell, famed author of myriad books, will be there speaking on leadership and success principles. He has spoken in front of Fortune 500 companies, political leaders, and I believe even the UN if I'm not mistaken! I have to take something away from that wouldn't you say?
I'll be staying on the strip, within walking distance of The Orleans Hotel and Casino where the conference is taking place. I will do my best to keep a log of the trip. Once again, I'm not to great with taking a lot of pictures, but I will do my best. You have my word.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

See What Floats

Hello and thank you for coming, ladies and gentlemen of the board.
Today I would like to start things off by saying I hope everyone is having a spectacular week and hopefully you are all in good health. On that note, I would like to bring your attention to an interesting discovery that has recently surfaced on problems with our drinking water. It appears that over 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals have been legally contaminating our waterways over a long period of time under direct watch of the U.S. government.
Order, order! I know it is troubling news. Especially since that was only the small amount that was monitored as pollutants. You can find out more about it here:

Now, this was brought up to just inform readers of the health issues that could indeed be affecting the public without their knowledge. If anything, this is as good a time as any to switch buying habits from many of the normal bottled water to more pure forms. You're buying water anyway, so why not get the safest for your family? I know I am. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water, a brand growing rapidly in popularity ( has been purified 15 times- the most times out of any other water in the world! It has been remineralized and microstructured with oxygen for pretty incredible results; results I can say are worth it from personal experience. You can get it from my site here:
Just type "perfect water" into the search bar in the top right corner. Another very pure form of water is eSpring water which you can also get on my site above. For more information about this water, go here: The FDA approved it as the best source of water available! Just add it to the cart and start a free customer account to have shipped right to your door, no hassle. I'm taking a trip this weekend out of state, so tune in next time to here more about it!

Friday, April 10, 2009


There is something special about people. Something that goes far beyond any animal instinct we share with other species, and beyond the physical realm we inhabit. There exists within each of us the most peculiar feeling; a feeling of necessity. Not necessity for the basic human needs of shelter, recognition etc., but necessity nonetheless.
This feeling, as best as I can describe it, is applied to different things because each of us is different in many ways. On the other hand, some aspects are similar between all people, and while it may vary slightly, it is present all the same. From personal observation, when it arises within us, it is characteristic to feel the overwhelming urge to alter-dimensionally stretch as far as the universe will allow to encompass all the passion and desire possessed. This occurs, for example, when in love. This occurs when you feel the absolute need to take part in your passions. This occurs when you know, whether deep down or at the forefront of your mind, that you were made for more than what you have been told to accept as the top. This is what occurs when your soul realizes or recognizes the need to do what you were created for, however contradictory it may be to current circumstances.

With love, the entire expanse of the universe is at your mercy because it exists, in those moments, just for you two. It's as if you attempt the feat of fitting the universe into your own heart and soul, and if zooming out on the entirety of life as we know it, you would eventually see it inside yourself.
For me, a passion is traveling. When I have spent too much time at home or even just in my hometown, within me rises this urge to stretch into the blue glow of the atmosphere and as I cover the globe, drop down on any point I choose. I feel the need to run, to get on a plane; to do anything I can possibly do to satisfy this need. That is why I long for the day when I can. When I can get on a plane when I feel like it. When I don't need to pack but just go. When I can see other people and cultures and places. When I can go to unreasonably poor parts of any country, including this one, and tell them their lives are worth so much more than what they are led to believe. That there is a deep meaning to their lives and they possess more than they know; they possess the love of their Creator. I was created to go. I was created to serve. I was created to love.

And it can be the most frustrating thing not to do what you were created for. To not apply yourself to what you know you want or need. A classic case is the white collar classic corporate employee. Lost amidst a sea of cubicles, the daily routine gets old enough one day and makes him or her look up to the sky before they enter their 50 story concrete block and stop. It hits them. It does not happen to those who really do want that life. But to those who settled, those who know they want more. Were meant for more, it hits them.
When you don't have the one you love, the one you would trade a universe for, it distorts the reality of that alter-dimensional urge. It throws it off or makes it seem futile and seems to be a freak accident because you know it should be so much different.
When you can't take the next flight and get a street bike to cruise the Mediterranean coast on, it is frustrating. But there is hope! Even hope in simply knowing that you realize this. People can go throughout their entire lifetime knowing they're missing out on something without realizing it is living their own lives. No matter what your age is, or occupation, or social status, there is something inside you that drives towards what you really were made for. All we can do is refuse to ignore it, refuse to accept anything less than our best, and stay on course for the destination we were meant to arrive at. Now I know I can't do it alone. It will take all the help I can get from the one who knows where I'll end up and what will happen along the way. Who can ask for better help than that of the Creator himself? I look forward to all the people I meet along the way, both those who are going my way and those who are embarking on their own journeys as well. Godspeed.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

North Korea, You Must Chill!

Does anybody else think North Korea just needs to calm down? The controversial rocket launch is scheduled for Saturday I believe, of which many allied countries are in clear objection. If it is indeed a missle test, it would violate UN sanctions and start a lot of trouble, seeing as how North Korea is threatening aggresive and retaliatory action towards any attempts to shoot it down, go to the UN council, or even monitor the launch in any way. They're acting like a cornered misbehaved child caught with a sharp stick.
A lot of intelligence analysts believe it is still only a satellite launch, but if it were it would also show potential missile launch capabilities. Anyway, we'll all see how this turns out I suppose.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools. Not.

Now I assure you, what you are about to read is no joke, although I wish in some ways it was. The famous date aside, I am sorry to say that unfortunately a pretty cool opportunity has slipped out of my grasp. And that of a few friends. The bidding for the position to open for the band Deftones stopped today, and we were about $7,000 short of the final bid. There just wasn't a chance. We raised and received about $4,500 for the bidding war and suddenly as it got down to the final 15 minutes, the bidding went up by the thousands.

While it is indeed a bummer that our band didn't get the spot and it would've set up any kind of music career for anyone who wanted it (making contacts, getting huge recognition and coverage- it is the Bamboozle Festival after all), it is a good thing. It was obviously not a close call in the money and it is going to the bassist, Chi Cheng's family to pay the hospital bills keeping him alive. He got in a really bad accident and has been in a coma for about three months. So hopefully that on top of the donations they are receiving will help him.

On an A-flat (lighter note), I thought Adult Swim was rather hilarious last night. Now, I don't have television and my friends' Tivo is about all I get. I don't complain, books are a much better use of time anyway. However, last night on one of those occasions where I'm thankful for it. The network pulled an April Fools joke and listed all the shows like normal. The catch is, they instead put in place different parts to the movie "The Room" written by, directed by, produced by , and starring Mr. Tommy Wiseau... aka possibly the worst thing that ever happened to film in the history of film. And we all thought The Scorpion King was as bad as it gets... Boy were we wrong. As a matter of fact I'm at a crossroads of wanting to tell you to buy it for the $8 it's sold for and telling you it's not worth it if it was free. Or even if you were paid to see it hahaha. Then again, it was funny watching edited. There was a scene sexual in nature, but had huge black boxes blocking everything. As a matter of fact, the entire screen was covered at one point. If you end up seeing it, you would not believe it cost 6 million dollars to make.

Well, I had a day of fun and adventure. It's back to business tomorrow. Especially since I don't have to clear my schedule for hard core band practice. Today a bunch of guys came airsofting out in some abandoned summer camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. Then we all got some pizza. Guys day for sure. It was a lot of fun, I definitely want to do it again soon. Not that I'm bragging, but I led every team I had to victory. Haha okay, I'm bragging a little bit, but you weren't there! You didn't see me dive through windows and flank the enemy position and have others cover when someone went forward. The adreniline never leaves! Alright, I'm done.. for now.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It Happened This Morning

"Holy jumpin' cactus", that movie was great. Haha, for the most part. It did get a little slow towards the end as I was warned, but it had some memorable parts in it for sure. My favorites included the motel type scene (you know what... the first and the second one), the hitchhiking part (hahaha the driver that picked them up was hilarious! I laughed way too loud for this early in the morning) and the river crossing. You'll know once you've seen it! So get on it yeah? I need to go to sleep, so save your questions for later. Oh, you don't have any? Well, alright suit yourself. Speaking of sleep, I definitely gotta get me a pair of those pajamas Clark wore. Goodni- uh, morning. Have a great day.

Let's Review

'Ello there. It is March 21, well the 22nd now, at approximately 1:41 in the morning. It was an important evening for some people, and while most of them I will never meet, I have indeed noticed and understood all the same. It's just one of those things you can tell, but is only harder to explain. This aside, I thought I'd share a couple movies I have seen lately and give my take on them. Basically, I fortunately took a fantastic tip and got Netflix. Pretty much one of the greatest things ever to happen to my late-nightlife. Hey, hey, calm down I said 'ONE', not THE. Shall we begin? Okay.

1. Dan in Real Life. I went in with mediocre expectation of a few laughs, basic plot and the possibility of an anticlimactic ending (helps with the arrival of a good one and lack of more disappointment if it occurs). Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard it was okay, and that it was really boring and not funny at all. When watching however, I realized afterward that I had been laughing throughout the entire film. Sarcastic comments and a plot twist or two was just fine by me. I suppose it depends on your sense of humor, that of the film being a bit dry. I give it 4 stars out of 5. Haha... I've always wanted to do that.

2. Cashback. I was told it was an artistic movie and that it was a kind of lame plot. Basic romantic line up with ups and downs and a really slow progression of development. I found this movie to be more than that. I, myself, enjoy romantic comedies and while this movie was not as comedic as most, it made up for it in an intriguing artistic view of.. well everything. Some points of the movie were a bit bizarre and felt a little untouched on, but that really is how it was supposed to be. Some odd things are the best really. I liked it, and it was above average. This particular one I give a 3.5 out of 5. That's right, I'm throwing in the decimals!

Company makes movies too, and seeing as how I have been watching a lot of movies alone as of late, it may play crucial roles to the experience. I'm so busy these days I find time for this late when I should be sleeping. And since I'm really not tired right now and there are just too many things on my mind I think I'll take another great tip and watch It Happened One Night starring Clark Gable. Good man. Another movie you should consider watching is Dr. Strangelove. It's really just a great one, you'll thank me later. Stay tuned for more after a word from our sponsor, the PKK!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

DST Update

First of all, all I am just inexplicably happy I did not have am shift at work this morning. That would have meant I had to open my sleepy eyes against all their will at 4 o'clock in the morning. But I did not! Nay, I was able to rest from a long night.
Anyway, as far as things that have now changed due to London, I will record. I will no longer be moving out as early as I planned. Since I will be departing for London at the beginning of September for school, I figure it's best to keep myself here in Redlands, establish a good, solid base for getting that residual income, and save up as much as I can. I will most likely keep my job until the end of summer, but it will be the last. It will net me an extra 5K, on top of the 4K/mo, so I should have a little elbow room in London financially speaking. I have been studying up on the country quite a bit as far as history and the food is concerned. So far anyway. I will most likely stay with a host, so that will be a good experience as well. Building on everything while I'm gone, I will be able to go to school at either CSUSB or SFSU when I come back.

As for that, I really don't know. Or maybe it's that I do, but I don't want to necessarily say it yet. Either way, I will be able to get my own apartment in either area and get a bike finally. I think it is best to wait until then. I decided on a Yamaha R6, but upgrading the exhaust system to look just like the R1's. So it will pretty much look as cool as the latter, but still perform like the former. I'm game. Also, my Uncle Vinny offered me a deal I couldn't refuse... I know what you're thinking. And you're probably right. Haha my uncle is looking into selling some of his cars and I am most likely going to eventually purchase his 1971 Ford Mustang Fastback. I sell my car, and make the rest in small payments and I'll be set!
Things are lookin up for 'ol Zach. I'm really looking forward to going to Las Vegas at the end of April for a private business conference too, so that should be fun. Alright gang, that's it for now. Have a great 24-hour period of time starting now!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

London... LONDON!!

The above title is what I sometimes yell to people (and even shake them given the nature of our relationship) as I continue to come to the realization that I'm going to London next semester for school! I just mailed in most of the documentation needed to get into the program, and all that is left are some fees and a couple other things soon to be covered. I'll be studying at the University of London, right in the city. I have wanted to take part in an opportunity like this for the longest time. Whether it be through education or my own way, to travel to another country for an extended amount of time and gain that experience for what it is... it's just great. I do realize it is the UK, and while it's not an incredibly different culture with a language barrier, entirely different customs etc., it is something else. Something else.
It's interesting realizing it's finally my turn. In all this time, I've seen so many people handed everything and taking opportunities like this for granted. I do realize that some earn it, and others do not take it for granted at all. But it just seems like an outstanding majority follow a poorly constructed way of thinking. I suppose this is for another time, but for now I am happy about this opportunity. I will be making $4,000/mo by summer, and continue making that even while I'm gone. When I come back, I'll be good to buy a street bike and live wherever to go to school. It's between two right now, but I have a feeling I know which one I'll end up at. Having my own nice apartment, a bike and the freedom to go places sounds like a plan to me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

March of the Zapotec

Alright, so the first opportunity I had yesterday, I went out and bought the new EP by Beirut- March of the Zapotec. It's pretty dang good, and has a somewhat different feel to it than previous albums like Gulag and Club Cup. It was mostly recorded in Mexico, so it has a lot of Mexican musical influence, especially noticeable in the rythms and melodies with trumpets. Anyway, it's super good and I'd say the best song on it is "La Llorona". It has almost a more melancholy feel to it than does Beirut's previous work, but it obviously holds to the foreign feel, the lost love feel, and the adventuresome feel of past songs.
The second part to the EP, Holland, was created
solely by Zach Condon (except for the bass line in "The Concubine") as his side project Realpeople. It sounds more like his electric stuff as seen on a version of Scenic World and the Pompeii EP. It's really an entirely fantastic little set.
Here's "La Llorona":

Also, I almost forgot! Since nobody reads this anyway, I have a secret to tell you. Yes, you. Just so it's known: I've come across a little group by the name of Team B. Good stuff that will most likely develop into great. They aren't signed yet, but you know they will be due to fact that the members of Team B are from both Beirut and The Arcade Fire. In other words, genius. So we'll see what comes of that. I would say songs to check out by them include "Mystery Man" and "On My Mind". So go do it. Right now!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Comeback

And enjoy that week I did, being a long long time ago, yet not quite in a galaxy far far away. Denver was great, believe me, it's just been a while. It was last year after all. Here are a couple pictures of the city from my hotel balcony just so long overdue:

I am experiencing minor inconveniences with the picture uploader, but that aside I also just need to take more from now on. San Francisco also was amazing as usual. Sorry, but no pictures are available at this time... or ever probably, so just forget about it yeah?
So now that we're all caught up, it's time to talk business (leans forward, hands clasped). There has been a change of plans you see. Things are going to get really great really fast, and I need to do everything in my power to make sure that happens. My plans consist of moving out and getting my own apartment by April 2009, making $4,000 a month aside a job (Talk to me about how sometime if that sounds good to you), and saving up for traveling to any of the many locations I have in mind, all while that income grows passively. By working really hard the next few months, by May I will be on my own, ready to travel, and probably will have purchased a street bike (sorry, Mom). I'm thinking a Yamaha R1 (Raven color) eventually, but until then I'll stick with a Honda CBR 600 most likely. Just so I don't die immediately on a bike with 1000 cc's... yeah.
All summed up, it's gonna be good. Real good. Can't wait to see what happens!

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