Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These Days

Well a lot has happened recently. Potentially upsetting but mostly exciting things.
I do believe things happen for a reason, and although my recent plans seemed to have been cut away, I am left at present with immense potential for progress and improvement in many areas. While much of this, I imagine, will be realized upon stumbling upon it, I have a lot to begin work on immediately. This is what excites me.
It is the many daily decisions, both easy to do and yet so easy not to do, that make a huge difference when compounded over time. It is what in the end makes us or breaks us. A decision to read certain things over others, to exercise or watch TV, to eat healthily or unhealthily, to lie or be honest, the list goes on. But these build one's character and ultimately one's destiny, leading me to examine where I really want to be in the future. Who I want to be. It's decisions; little adjustments on the way to the goals. Keeping it simple and being consistent seem to be the most helpful factors through the decisions.
What I have learned is I will indeed face adversity. We all will and do on a semi-regular basis. Adversity that challenges our belief in ourselves and what we truly desire. There are forces that oppose even the grandest dreams imaginable. President John Adams once said, "People are forged in the fires of adversity." A friend recently pointed out to me that the quote should insert the word "successful" at the beginning. He was right. So many are not willing to face opposition to their beliefs and dreams and run at even the slightest smell of smoke, much less the heat of the fire. But you look at anyone in history who overcame, who fought, who went through hell and back, and you will find a person who left a legacy because they accomplished what they dreamed possible for themselves or for others. Isn't what you desire worth fighting for?! Don't listen to "them", listen to you.
I'll catch up Europe soon, so stay tuned. I suppose it's taken me this long partially because it just feels like so much to attempt to convey! Until next time.

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