Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I compare it to an old WWII-era prop plane. I've seemingly been making a grand ascent in this plane, climbing and reaching upwards in life with all the power I have at my disposal. Truthfully, it's been a fallacy. The ascent has been in my head and I've really been flying in circles. There are things I want, things I must do, and I've convinced myself I've been doing what it takes to make them happen. Honestly, it's been a flight training simulation all along.
See, now that I realize this, however, I can clearly see that I've stalled at the peak of ascent. As I slow to a stop midair mentally, physically and spiritually, I am frozen. There is peace, there is understanding, if only briefly. Then comes the glorious dive; the much awaited rapid movement in an entirely different direction. This dive, however, is a controlled dive. It's purposeful, and as you no longer wish to fly in circles going nowhere, you can now go anywhere you'd like. You don't spiral out-of-control into the ground, but instead keep your nose up and gun it into the open skies!
No more simulations, this is the real deal, and you must take flight!

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