Friday, April 10, 2009


There is something special about people. Something that goes far beyond any animal instinct we share with other species, and beyond the physical realm we inhabit. There exists within each of us the most peculiar feeling; a feeling of necessity. Not necessity for the basic human needs of shelter, recognition etc., but necessity nonetheless.
This feeling, as best as I can describe it, is applied to different things because each of us is different in many ways. On the other hand, some aspects are similar between all people, and while it may vary slightly, it is present all the same. From personal observation, when it arises within us, it is characteristic to feel the overwhelming urge to alter-dimensionally stretch as far as the universe will allow to encompass all the passion and desire possessed. This occurs, for example, when in love. This occurs when you feel the absolute need to take part in your passions. This occurs when you know, whether deep down or at the forefront of your mind, that you were made for more than what you have been told to accept as the top. This is what occurs when your soul realizes or recognizes the need to do what you were created for, however contradictory it may be to current circumstances.

With love, the entire expanse of the universe is at your mercy because it exists, in those moments, just for you two. It's as if you attempt the feat of fitting the universe into your own heart and soul, and if zooming out on the entirety of life as we know it, you would eventually see it inside yourself.
For me, a passion is traveling. When I have spent too much time at home or even just in my hometown, within me rises this urge to stretch into the blue glow of the atmosphere and as I cover the globe, drop down on any point I choose. I feel the need to run, to get on a plane; to do anything I can possibly do to satisfy this need. That is why I long for the day when I can. When I can get on a plane when I feel like it. When I don't need to pack but just go. When I can see other people and cultures and places. When I can go to unreasonably poor parts of any country, including this one, and tell them their lives are worth so much more than what they are led to believe. That there is a deep meaning to their lives and they possess more than they know; they possess the love of their Creator. I was created to go. I was created to serve. I was created to love.

And it can be the most frustrating thing not to do what you were created for. To not apply yourself to what you know you want or need. A classic case is the white collar classic corporate employee. Lost amidst a sea of cubicles, the daily routine gets old enough one day and makes him or her look up to the sky before they enter their 50 story concrete block and stop. It hits them. It does not happen to those who really do want that life. But to those who settled, those who know they want more. Were meant for more, it hits them.
When you don't have the one you love, the one you would trade a universe for, it distorts the reality of that alter-dimensional urge. It throws it off or makes it seem futile and seems to be a freak accident because you know it should be so much different.
When you can't take the next flight and get a street bike to cruise the Mediterranean coast on, it is frustrating. But there is hope! Even hope in simply knowing that you realize this. People can go throughout their entire lifetime knowing they're missing out on something without realizing it is living their own lives. No matter what your age is, or occupation, or social status, there is something inside you that drives towards what you really were made for. All we can do is refuse to ignore it, refuse to accept anything less than our best, and stay on course for the destination we were meant to arrive at. Now I know I can't do it alone. It will take all the help I can get from the one who knows where I'll end up and what will happen along the way. Who can ask for better help than that of the Creator himself? I look forward to all the people I meet along the way, both those who are going my way and those who are embarking on their own journeys as well. Godspeed.

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