Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools. Not.

Now I assure you, what you are about to read is no joke, although I wish in some ways it was. The famous date aside, I am sorry to say that unfortunately a pretty cool opportunity has slipped out of my grasp. And that of a few friends. The bidding for the position to open for the band Deftones stopped today, and we were about $7,000 short of the final bid. There just wasn't a chance. We raised and received about $4,500 for the bidding war and suddenly as it got down to the final 15 minutes, the bidding went up by the thousands.

While it is indeed a bummer that our band didn't get the spot and it would've set up any kind of music career for anyone who wanted it (making contacts, getting huge recognition and coverage- it is the Bamboozle Festival after all), it is a good thing. It was obviously not a close call in the money and it is going to the bassist, Chi Cheng's family to pay the hospital bills keeping him alive. He got in a really bad accident and has been in a coma for about three months. So hopefully that on top of the donations they are receiving will help him.

On an A-flat (lighter note), I thought Adult Swim was rather hilarious last night. Now, I don't have television and my friends' Tivo is about all I get. I don't complain, books are a much better use of time anyway. However, last night on one of those occasions where I'm thankful for it. The network pulled an April Fools joke and listed all the shows like normal. The catch is, they instead put in place different parts to the movie "The Room" written by, directed by, produced by , and starring Mr. Tommy Wiseau... aka possibly the worst thing that ever happened to film in the history of film. And we all thought The Scorpion King was as bad as it gets... Boy were we wrong. As a matter of fact I'm at a crossroads of wanting to tell you to buy it for the $8 it's sold for and telling you it's not worth it if it was free. Or even if you were paid to see it hahaha. Then again, it was funny watching edited. There was a scene sexual in nature, but had huge black boxes blocking everything. As a matter of fact, the entire screen was covered at one point. If you end up seeing it, you would not believe it cost 6 million dollars to make.

Well, I had a day of fun and adventure. It's back to business tomorrow. Especially since I don't have to clear my schedule for hard core band practice. Today a bunch of guys came airsofting out in some abandoned summer camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. Then we all got some pizza. Guys day for sure. It was a lot of fun, I definitely want to do it again soon. Not that I'm bragging, but I led every team I had to victory. Haha okay, I'm bragging a little bit, but you weren't there! You didn't see me dive through windows and flank the enemy position and have others cover when someone went forward. The adreniline never leaves! Alright, I'm done.. for now.

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anaesail said...

Now I see why you're bummed out. Zach I uh, I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but it was my band that won the bidding war. April Fools! Haha...ha.
That would have been so awesome if you guys had won, but at least it's more money going to a good cause.
So does your band have a name? If not, I've got a few clever ideas up my sleeve....