Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A few days ago I was able to spend some quality time with most of my family at the beach. After the sun went down, I walked to the end of the pier at Newport Beach and leaned against the wood railings and thought of something interesting. It was nightfall by this time, and the lights amidst the black mountainous shapes were clearly visible farther off in the distance. Leaning against the railings, I slowly began to drown out all other sounds. The laughing, coughing, yelling of children; all of it. I focused intensely only on the moonlight on the waves separating me from those lights.
From that vantage point I was able to envision myself out in the ocean on a boat with the lights of the land far away and the lights of the boat behind me. It is one of my dreams to someday have a house on the Mediterranean Sea and a sailboat that goes right along with it. This sailboat, when out for nightly excursions, will have lights strung along the lines of the sails overhanging a covered table with a white tablecloth on which to eat and drink. Slowly, the music I imagine playing on the boat replaces the various voices of others that would not be there.
And the night got even better.


Ana said...

The night got even better? How could it get any better than that? Besides actually sailing of course....

Zach Andrews said...

I meant that's what made the night better than it already was haha.