Wednesday, February 18, 2009

March of the Zapotec

Alright, so the first opportunity I had yesterday, I went out and bought the new EP by Beirut- March of the Zapotec. It's pretty dang good, and has a somewhat different feel to it than previous albums like Gulag and Club Cup. It was mostly recorded in Mexico, so it has a lot of Mexican musical influence, especially noticeable in the rythms and melodies with trumpets. Anyway, it's super good and I'd say the best song on it is "La Llorona". It has almost a more melancholy feel to it than does Beirut's previous work, but it obviously holds to the foreign feel, the lost love feel, and the adventuresome feel of past songs.
The second part to the EP, Holland, was created
solely by Zach Condon (except for the bass line in "The Concubine") as his side project Realpeople. It sounds more like his electric stuff as seen on a version of Scenic World and the Pompeii EP. It's really an entirely fantastic little set.
Here's "La Llorona":

Also, I almost forgot! Since nobody reads this anyway, I have a secret to tell you. Yes, you. Just so it's known: I've come across a little group by the name of Team B. Good stuff that will most likely develop into great. They aren't signed yet, but you know they will be due to fact that the members of Team B are from both Beirut and The Arcade Fire. In other words, genius. So we'll see what comes of that. I would say songs to check out by them include "Mystery Man" and "On My Mind". So go do it. Right now!

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