Sunday, March 22, 2009

It Happened This Morning

"Holy jumpin' cactus", that movie was great. Haha, for the most part. It did get a little slow towards the end as I was warned, but it had some memorable parts in it for sure. My favorites included the motel type scene (you know what... the first and the second one), the hitchhiking part (hahaha the driver that picked them up was hilarious! I laughed way too loud for this early in the morning) and the river crossing. You'll know once you've seen it! So get on it yeah? I need to go to sleep, so save your questions for later. Oh, you don't have any? Well, alright suit yourself. Speaking of sleep, I definitely gotta get me a pair of those pajamas Clark wore. Goodni- uh, morning. Have a great day.

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