Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's Review

'Ello there. It is March 21, well the 22nd now, at approximately 1:41 in the morning. It was an important evening for some people, and while most of them I will never meet, I have indeed noticed and understood all the same. It's just one of those things you can tell, but is only harder to explain. This aside, I thought I'd share a couple movies I have seen lately and give my take on them. Basically, I fortunately took a fantastic tip and got Netflix. Pretty much one of the greatest things ever to happen to my late-nightlife. Hey, hey, calm down I said 'ONE', not THE. Shall we begin? Okay.

1. Dan in Real Life. I went in with mediocre expectation of a few laughs, basic plot and the possibility of an anticlimactic ending (helps with the arrival of a good one and lack of more disappointment if it occurs). Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard it was okay, and that it was really boring and not funny at all. When watching however, I realized afterward that I had been laughing throughout the entire film. Sarcastic comments and a plot twist or two was just fine by me. I suppose it depends on your sense of humor, that of the film being a bit dry. I give it 4 stars out of 5. Haha... I've always wanted to do that.

2. Cashback. I was told it was an artistic movie and that it was a kind of lame plot. Basic romantic line up with ups and downs and a really slow progression of development. I found this movie to be more than that. I, myself, enjoy romantic comedies and while this movie was not as comedic as most, it made up for it in an intriguing artistic view of.. well everything. Some points of the movie were a bit bizarre and felt a little untouched on, but that really is how it was supposed to be. Some odd things are the best really. I liked it, and it was above average. This particular one I give a 3.5 out of 5. That's right, I'm throwing in the decimals!

Company makes movies too, and seeing as how I have been watching a lot of movies alone as of late, it may play crucial roles to the experience. I'm so busy these days I find time for this late when I should be sleeping. And since I'm really not tired right now and there are just too many things on my mind I think I'll take another great tip and watch It Happened One Night starring Clark Gable. Good man. Another movie you should consider watching is Dr. Strangelove. It's really just a great one, you'll thank me later. Stay tuned for more after a word from our sponsor, the PKK!

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